Reading the success stories of people seeking Arthur’s help will give you an idea about how he solves different kinds of problems, including anxiety and phobias.

Below you can read some messages that people have sent several weeks or months after their last session to update and thank Arthur:

“After seeing you my life changed. I do not devour my meals anymore. Now I only eat when I want to and need to. I lost about 20 pounds.”
— Jose Manuel

“I enjoyed eating chocolate very much but now I can control it. I don’t have cravings anymore. I want to thank you because you helped me a lot.”
— Pat

“After three months of quitting, I can’t believe it. It feels unreal that I don’t need to smoke and I can be happy (or happier) without cigarettes. I have the feeling that I never smoked in my life.”
— Natalia

“As promised, I’m writing to you after several weeks to thank you because thanks to your help my sleep quality has improved. I will recommend you to all my friends.”
— Joe

I don’t know if you remember me. I’m Julie and I did a session with you for my non-stop coffee drinking. I’m still coffee free! Thank you very much Arthur.”
— Julie

“About three months ago I came to see you for my fear of public speaking. First of all, I apologize for not writing you sooner, but I want to thank you for your help. I presented my novel in several bookstores, had radio and television interviews. All went well. I have to work on my diction but I don’t get paralyzed with fear anymore. Thanks for everything.”
— Anthony

“Hi Arthur, I was in your office last September. We agreed that I would write you back to tell you how things are going. The truth is that I’m very happy. Only on one night (Monday) did I wake up to eat at night — and that was because I skipped dinner and only an had apple. Thank you very much.”
— Agnes

“I write to you to confirm that now several months after doing therapy with you for my anxiety, I feel fantastic. I’m still able to do all those things that I couldn’t before — my fears have been reduced to a very small thing. I cannot deny that this still seems to me VERY CURIOUS, but I’m delighted and thank you.”
— Ramona

“As agreed I’m writing to you three months after doing therapy with you, to let you know the results. I went ‘full steam ahead!’ I’m free from my fear of the ocean and boats. Infinite thanks to you and I will always remember you for your help.”
— Mary

“The truth is that I feel great. Before, whenever I dieted, I never felt satisfied nor happy like I do now. I don’t have any anxiety. I’m not obsessed with my physical look or with my weight. I used to weight myself twice a day. Now I don’t have this obsession. I learned to eat well and lose weight. Thank you.”
— Rose

“Hi Arthur, I’m Robert, you must remember me. I’m fine now. I’m social and have gotten to know many new friends. I recently met a girl and we are dating. I don’t think about my ex anymore. Thanks for everything,”
— Robert

“I must admit that I was very skeptical when I came to see you. But I’m finally free from anxiety. Thank you.”
— Maria