Success Stories

Below you’ll find links to a few success stories about people who have sought Arthur Rowshan’s help. To protect their privacy, names, locations and details of each case have been altered or omitted. They are shared so that you may have an idea of Rowshan’s approach and learn a little about how he helps people overcome anxiety related problems.

Please note: These stories should not be used as ‘self-therapy’. The use of psychological or psychiatric terms (such as general anxiety disorder, OCD, etc.) does not infer a medical or psycho-therapeutic diagnosis. Rather, these terminologies are used to communicate in a common language.

Because each case is unique, Arthur Rowshan’s approach is designed to fit each person based on their contingent needs. Finally, for the sake of brevity, each case has been summarized and simplified.

Please click on the tabs below to read about each category:

When reading these stories, you may be surprised at the unique tasks that I ask people to perform or that they actually follow through with them. Please bear in mind that each intervention is designed specifically for that individual. My purpose is not to give people strange exercises just for the sake of being unconventional. Rather my goal is to help them overcome their problem within a short time and in an effective and lasting way. People follow my instructions because each given task is in harmony with their specific personality, problem and circumstances.

If you have an anxiety related problem, you should consult with a competent professional. The written account of my work with people suffering with anxiety and phobias should not be used as self therapy.