A phobia is an extreme fear of a specific object or situation that is considered dangerous or threatening. Exposure to the object or situation brings about an immediate anxiety reaction. The anxiety and fear are so intense that the person tends to avoid what might cause this highly distressing emotional state. This constant avoidance strategy interferes with the person’s ability to enjoy life.

We can divide specific phobias based on the situations or objects appearing dangerous and menacing such as:

  • Situational phobias: driving, riding in a car or on public transportation, flying, going over bridges or in tunnels, elevators, dark places, etc.
  • Animal phobias: spiders, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, insects, or mice.
  • Natural environment phobias: storms, heights, water.
  • Blood-injection-injury phobias: thought of getting injured, seeing blood or some medical procedures, blood tests or injections.
  • Other phobias: fear of falling down, a fear of loud sounds, and a fear of costumed characters, such as clowns.

I specialize in helping individuals rid themselves of phobias and have had great success with all types of phobias. One of the most interesting aspects of phobias is the recognition that while it may have persisted for a long time, this does not mean that it will automatically require an equally arduous and lengthy time to banish.

Of course, all cases are unique but my primary goal is to help you to get rid of your phobia in a very short period of time. Often with a handful of sessions. My approach is unique and tailor made for each specific individual. But you should be aware that I do not use any of the traditional methods you may be familiar with, such as ‘exposure therapy’.

Here you can read some of the cases of phobias that I have solved.