The Woman with a Ph.D. in Anxiety

Elizabeth contacted me for online therapy. A major problem had severely limited the quality of her life for over 10 years. She told me that she had been diagnosed with  anxiety and that she had spent seven years in psychotherapy to get to the root-causes of her problems and to learn techniques to cope with her problem.

She knew all the details of why she was anxious. She had analyzed every corner of her subconscious mind with the help of a variety of psychotherapists belonging to different schools of therapy.

“I have a Ph.D. in my anxiety,” she said, “I know all about my problem.” However, despite her vast knowledge of all the reasons and causes of the problem, she was still anxious.

I told Elizabeth that there was a good chance that in only 3 online sessions I could help her banish her anxiety. After all, I had helped many people of all walks of life and from differemnt age groups to regain their calm and peace of mind. After the first 2 sessions, her anxiety was completely gone. In the last session, Elizabeth learned the little secrets to handling future life challenges without any relapse.

I did not ask her anything about her past for two main reasons. First of all, she had already done this with the help of many therapists. She knew all her conflicts with her family, parents and herself. Of course this didn’t help her at all. Secondly, and most importantly, the methodology I use allows me to make deep changes in a short period of time focussing on the present situation.

Like most anxiety sufferers, Elizabeth had already tried the usual strategies like positive thinking, mindfulness, breathing exercises, etc. None of them helped her.  I taught her new and uniquely effective techniques to overcome her anxiety.

A year later, I touched base with her and was extremely satisfied to hear from Elizabeth that, after so long, she was finally happy because anxiety was now a closed chapter in her life.

Three online sessions can help people regain their serenity and composure. It’s wonderful to feel calm, peaceful, serene and confident.

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What this technique is not

This is:

Not CBT nor any CBT-related techniques and therapies (mindfulness, ACT, DBT, etc.)

Not NLP, EMDR, EFT or hypnosis

Not humanistic, psychoanalysis, Interactive nor holistic

This methodology is new!

The cost of each session is US$147 that means that the regular cost would be $147 X 3 = US$441.

However, the first 10 people who sign up, will pay only $297. This means that they get one session free of charge.

They don’t have to pay upfront. After the end of the first session, people will receive a Paypal link to make the first payment: $97. Then, after the second session they make the last payment of the remaining $200.

So, no risk involved!

Only the first 10 people who sign up can benefit from this offer!

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