Kelly Hrudey’s Daughter Struggles with OCD

kaitlin hrudey OCD

Former NHL player and Hockey Night in Canada commentator, Kelly Hrudey is a wonderful father. His 20-year-old daughter, Kaitilin, has suffered from obsessive fears of diseases. At the age of 10 she started having obsessive thoughts about going blind and in order to calm herself, Kaitilin started blinking her eyes compulsively.

At first, her parents thought it was a temporary tic that would go away by itself. However, Kaitlin started having many psychosomatic problems such as migraines. She also avoided socializing opportunities and stayed home instead of participating in school activities. Kelly and his wife Donna, realized that they must take action and seek professional help for their daughter.

They contacted Calgary psychologist Kelly Moroz to treat Kaitlin’s problem. They were told that they were in a long haul and must be patient because their daughter had a mental illness which required many sessions of psychotherapy. They were told that their young daughter had to battle anxiety her whole life.

After 4 years of work with the psychologist Kaitlin learned how to cope with her obsessive thoughts. She learned breathing and relaxation techniques, and also techniques to distract herself from obsessive thoughts.

In an interview, Kaitilin explained that, after 4 years of therapy the psychologist didn’t help overcome her problem:

“He helped me a lot and he still helps me a lot with my thoughts and trying to get through them — but he can’t take the thoughts away.”

“It’s something that I just have and it’s something that he’s taught me tools so that I can live a good life with these thoughts and get through them. But I wouldn’t say they’ve disappeared over the years. I just know how to cope with them now.”

The task of a competent psychologist is help a person overcome her problem — not just cope with it. I’m sure that Dr. Moroz is well intentioned professional that did everything he could to help. However, when a psychologist cannot help overcome a problem, he should not make people believe that they have to live with their anxiety.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a problem that can be overcome. I have helped many people overcome this anxiety-related problem once and for all. My goal is not to teach people how to cope with their symptoms. I do my best to banish their obsessive thoughts or rituals. There is hope for all people with OCD. And, yes, including Kaitilin Hrudey can overcome her OCD for good.