Healing James’ Sexual Addiction & Anxiety

sexual addiction

James was a 45 year-old man. Although he had worked constantly for the past 25 years, he had no savings to speak of. All that he had earned, he had spent on prostitutes. On average he frequented them three times a week. He was also unable to initiate and maintain a healthy relationship with a woman.

“When I see a woman walking down the street”, he confided in me, “I automatically picture having sex with her in my mind.” He was obsessed with sex and prostitutes. Whenever he would try to resist his urges and not to go to these clubs he would get very anxious. He admitted to me that he had a serious case of anxiety and a sexual addiction.

He asked me if I could hypnotize him and ‘erase’ his addiction to sex from his mind and therefore, free him from anxiety. I explained to James that even though hypnosis was an effective tool for many problems, it would not be helpful in his case.

“Just like a craftsman”, I explained, “who has many tools available to him in his toolbox, I use the most appropriate technique according to the contingent needs of each person and each case.” He agreed and allowed me the flexibility to decide how to help him.

I told him that I was going to ask him do something seemingly eccentric and curious. After all, James already knew that his problem was not a normal one. On the plus side, James was tired of his sexual addiction and how it controlled his life and ruined his prospects. He was willing to do anything to get rid of his anxiety and sexual addiction.
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