I Cannot Get Over My Ex

Source: Orin Zebest
Source: Orin Zebest

Carmen was a young woman in her twenties who came to see me two weeks before her wedding day. She had no time to lose so she quickly stated her problem: she couldn’t get over her ex. Even though she had broken up with this former boyfriend and had completely let go of that past relationship, and was about to marry the man of her dreams… she had become obsessed with her ex-boyfriend.

She had tried to forget her ex-boyfriend but couldn’t. Among the complicating factors was that this ex-boyfriend was a good friend of the family and as such he was invited to the wedding.

The closer Carmen got to the wedding day, the more obsessed she had become. She felt terribly guilty and blamed herself for the persistent thoughts swimming around her head.

After listening to her story, I told Carmen that I agreed with her: she should feel guilty. I suggested that a good way to resolve her problem would be a good punishment. I argued that she deserved it because she still was thinking about her one man when she was about to get married to another.
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“I Cannot Let Go of a Past Relationship”

Source: Quinn Dombrowski
Source: Quinn Dombrowski

After reading about my expertise and unique approach in a magazine article, Pablo, a sixty year-old man sought my help. He wanted to forget someone who had been special to him at one point but he couldn’t let go of this past relationship. At first, it appeared to be a typical case of someone who wants to get over his ex, but it turned out to be more complex than that. Pablo told me that he was now a happily married man and he stressed that he enjoyed the intimacy and heterosexual sex he shared with his wife.

The problem began when PAblo initiated a friendly relationship with a younger man. However, what seemed to be just a friendship between two men, gradually turned into a physically intimate one. Although they never engaged in homosexual sex, they had kissed, touched and caressed each other. The younger man had asked for money because he said that he needed it. Gradually, requesting money became a regular part of their interaction and he was soon asking for greater amounts each time.
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A List of Common Phobias

Writing a complete list of phobias would be an impossible task because there is an unlimited number of things and situations that a person can be irrationally afraid of. The human imagination is able to construct as many fears as it can conceive.

For the sake of brevity, here there is a list of the most common fears with some links to actual cases that I have had the pleasure of helping.

Acrophobia (Fear of heights)

Agoraphobia (Fear of open spaces and crowds)

Claustrophobia (Fear of confined places such as elevators, airplanes, trains and subways)

Pathophobia (Fear of disease)

Carcinophobia (Fear of acquiring cancer)

Germophobia o Bacterophobia (Fear of germs)

Astraphobia / Brontophobia (Fear of thunder and lightning)

Social Phobia (Fear of being watched or scrutinized by others)

Pteromerhanophobia / Aerophobia (Fear of flying)

Necrophobia (Fear of death or anything related to it)

Nyctophobia / Lygophobia / Achluophobia (Fear of the dark)

Dentophobia (Fear of dentists o dental phobia)

Emetophobia (Fear of vomiting)

Trypanophobia / Aichmophobia/ Belonephobia (Fear of pins and needles or pointed objects)

Glossophobia (Fear of speaking in public)

Hydrophobia (Fear of water)

Zoophobia (Fear of animals)

Ophidiophobia (Fear of snakes)

Ornithophobia (Fear of birds)

Cynophobia (Fear of dogs)

Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders)

Do you have a phobia?