Some degree of fear and anxiety is normal. In the face of real danger, fear makes you more alert and also prepares your body to either ‘fight’ or ‘to flee’. For example if you must pass an exam or have an important surgical operation, it is normal to feel the effects of this anxiety. And as soon as the event is over, so is the anxiety.

However, some people become anxious even when there is no identifiable cause. They feel overwhelmed and suffer recurrent episodes of anxiety that can last days, weeks, months or even years.

I have personal experience and knowledge of anxiety. In my youth I suffered from extreme anxiety which manifested itself in many ways, including migraines that prevented me from sleeping. This challenging time in my life was the genesis of my own interest in learning about anxiety. It lead my own personal journey of healing and discovery which eventually gave me the skills to help others. In short, when someone comes to see me for anxiety-related problems, I understand them fully. I can feel what they go through because I’ve been there myself.

Over the past few decades, I am very grateful to have been able to help countless individuals who came to me for help. The vast majority of these were extreme cases that were not improving through regular psychotherapy or drugs.

To learn more about my approach, I invite you to read some of the individual success stories and to peruse the small sampling of testimonials from people I have helped in the past.