Anxiety Treatment Specialist Course

Whether you are a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or a medical doctor, you can greatly benefit from this online course on anxiety treatment.

Anxiety and anxiety-related disorders are the most common health problems lashing people around the world. World Health Organization made a list of top 25 disabling health problems in the world. This list was not exclusive to psychological disorders; rather it included all health problems. The anxiety disorders was listed 7th on the list, ahead of diseases like diabetes, asthma, epilepsy or Alzheimer or even schizophrenia!

Therefore, anxiety disorders are remarkably common. In United States, about 30% of adults will suffer from some kind of anxiety disorders at some point in their lifetime.

This course it’s not just information about anxiety disorders and CBT or mindfulness and relaxation exercises. This kind of information is available free of charge on the internet. Actually, there is a plethora of information available that often causes confusion. The main reason is that most of the techniques and approaches succeed with a small number of anxiety sufferers. The majority of them do not respond well to conventional approaches. Their conditions are so chronic that they resist any attempt you make to help them change.

This online course study is suitable for any professional therapist working with clients who have anxiety or anxiety related problems. This course is based on the latest neuroscientific investigations. You will learn specific data on anxiety at the neurological and emotional level. Moreover you will be equipped with an clinically proven protocol to help your clients with anxiety.

You will discover the myths and misinformation on the subject. For example, you will learn the major misunderstanding between the difference of anxiety and phobias.

Through in-depth research, the anxiety treatment protocol is a great advance in breakthrough in understanding more about the causes of anxiety and anxiety related problems. This course will provide you with the latest research and techniques related to the use of a new model for interviewing, treatment planning and intervention techniques as applied to the treatment of problems relating to anxiety.

This course offers specific step by step guideline on the most effective way of helping people overcome anxiety related problems. The new techniques in this course will deepen your level of competence with anxiety disorder.

The Anxiety Treatment Protocol is effective specially with those people whose anxiety symptoms have become chronic. In other words, this protocol is effective with resistant clients. This course will give you a new set of tools to use with difficult clients. Most psychotherapists experience that, at times their therapeutic techniques cannot help resistant clients. Now you have the solution.

The Anxiety Treatment Protocol

The Anxiety Treatment Protocol is a 5 step procedure. Each step is designed to help your clients to release their anxiety and regain their peace of mind. You can schedule each session weekly or biweekly. The recommended and the ideal pace is to see your client every two weeks. Therefore, in the majority of cases (80% of people) are able to experience tangible results: an important reduction in anxiety. In most cases at the fifth session the person has been able to overcome their anxiety. Only a very small number of people may need further two or three more sessions.


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