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Do You Want to Learn A Proven Technique to Help Your Clients Banish ANXIETY?




Since 1989 I have been helping people overcome their anxiety-related problems. Moreover, In 1992 I conducted my first training course in Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, where I taught psychotherapists, psychiatrists and medical doctors uncommon techniques and strategies to improve their skills with their clients suffering from anxiety.



Almost 30 years of experience have allowed me to hone a unique and effective approach that provides long lasting results in a relatively short time. I have tested several techniques and strategies to discover what works best. I have taught these techniues to professional people-helpers in Czech Republic, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Mexico.

The specific protocol for anxiety incorporates several techniques and strategies that can be applied by any professional. Doesn’t matter what approach you use in your private practice. The anxiety protocol is effective (more than 80% of the cases) and efficient(in less than 5 sessions).

What if you could learned a new proven methodology that took me years learn and to perfect, apply them and within a short time to see GREAT RESULTS? Would you?

You are reading this because you know the importance of improving your skills and alleviate the suffering anxiety causes, and get massive private practice success. Until recently, I was unable to teach you, the independent private practice owner, as much as I wanted to. I turned many people down because I was busy with my fully booked practice, writing books, giving public lectures and collaborating with top experts.

I turned down invitations from all around the world, to go to teach my methodology. I did it for while in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc. There was a time that I was giving my course five days a week in five different cities! I got burnt out! In one occasion I lost my voice for several weeks!

Finally I found the solution.

My experience is best put to use in the trenches, in the small practice that is struggling with resistant patients, but they are willing to be propelled to greater heights.

They say the teacher appears when the student is ready.

The strategies and the techniques I will teach you are the evidence based. They are not some fluff you pay several thousands dollars for, only to learn an occasional useful tip. I have tirelessly sought out the latest research and cutting-edge strategies and techniques, so that I can consistently offer private practice practitioners effective and efficient ways to get results with their clients.

What this technique is not

Not CBT nor any CBT-related therapies

Not NLP, EMDR, EFT, hypnosis

Not humanistic, psychoanalysis, Interative nor holistic

In short it’s most probably you never came across it. It’s a new approach that it has not become mainstream.

Learn more about Arthur Rowshan’s background, his unique approach to phobias and anxiety, his books, and read some examples of people he has helped.

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